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June 14, 2016

Blogging is the easiest thing to push aside when life gets busy and since my return to work (after 6 months off!), I haven’t even thought much about blogging. Back in January, we moved across the river to Arlington, Virginia in a move that we regret somewhat. The thing about DC (inluding the Maryland & Virginia areas) is that it is super ‘American’. Yes, I know we live in America, but I just thought there would be more options for food that didn’t involve fried chicken, waffles with chicken, wings etc. The place we live is one of the most ‘happening’ places in Arlington but all of the bars seem to be sports bars or bars that mostly college kids hang out at. The only good cafe is usually filled with college students buying one coffee but using the free wifi for a few hours – so there’s never anywhere to sit!

In DC itself there are some good bars and restaurants. No where that sells consistently good coffee and no breakfast spots. DC has a huge brunch culture, so if you want to eat out on weekends, it’s usually all you can eat buffet with bottomless mimosas and again – mostly American fare i.e. no eggs and bacon or smashed avo etc.

So I guess it goes without saying that we usually eat at home or go down to Wholefoods to get dinner from the hot bar. I have become a lot more creative in the kitchen and after being surrounded by mostly bad food choices, the way I approach food and think about food has changed. Yes, I will eat a burger every now and then and a cake if I can find a decent one, but I have really enjoyed challenging myself in the kitchen to make amazing meals and delicious desserts that are free from refined sugar and flour etc. It certainly helps to have great produce and grocery items readily available that I either didn’t care enough about in Sydney or were hard to find/too expensive.

FB-4-7Despite the limited food options, we are still enjoying ourselves and love that we have so many options for weekends and weeks away from this side of the country. We’ve been to Baltimore, Philadelphia, West Virginia, New York, Annapolis,      hiking in the Shenandoah Mountains and a recent trip to Montreal for my Birthday. We’ve got a trip to Europe planned that includes Berlin, Iceland, Vienna and Prague and hopefully a second trip to Europe later in the year, to Paris and perhaps Switzerland and/or Belgium.

We are so close to the rest of the world and so lucky to be able to take time off to go and see as much as we can.

The Winter here was cold and there was a big snow storm that lasted a couple of days and I loved every minute of it. I am a real Winter person and with the Summer that is almost upon us, I feel myself craving the cool, crisp air and crunch of the snow under my feet. Summer in DC is apparently really hot and really humid. I don’t handle heat very well and don’t handle humidity at all, so this should be interesting! On the plus side, there is a great vibe around with people finally being able to be outdoors for long periods of time. We are close to a few National Parks and can’t wait to explore and hike through some.

I have missed blogging and hope to keep up with new recipes that I’ve tried out, give some more detailed rundowns of recent/upcoming trips etc, with the odd DC restaurant review thrown in because despite not having too many great places in the immediate vicinity, there are some really great up and coming restaurants in DC itself.

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    So lovely to read an update about your life Rhi ! Hope you are loving it over there xx

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