From the Dining Room | Nam Viet, Arlington

February 13, 2016

I am SO late to the Pho bandwagon. Honestly, I tried it for the first time two months ago and I was converted straight away. Maybe it was the freezing cold day we were having, but one day, I walked past a Vietnamese restaurant and popped inside to see if they had Pho. They did, I ordered, I ate and I loved it. Two weeks later, I moved neighbourhoods and was on the hunt for a new Vietnamese restaurant.

Enter Nam Viet. They offer Pho in both small and large sizes, making it great for dinner and lunch. Of course, there is quite a lot more on the menu, but I haven’t quite gotten past the Pho to try anything else out yet. Steve has never liked Asian food beyond Japanese, but even he was converted after his first try. It’s fast becoming a Sunday evening regular at this house! The best thing about having a great local place like Nam Viet is that they are always consistent and always fast.

There isn’t too much more I can say about how good Pho is. If you haven’t tried it, do it! If you have, then you can laugh at how long it took me to finally try it out. Rhi-3-5 Vietnamese-6 Vietnamese-5

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