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January 29, 2016

I am a Winter person. I love everything about it – the clothes, the cold weather, cosy afternoons. I knew moving to DC would mean snow and I was thrilled at the prospect. Fast forward to mid-January and we were still getting temperatures in up to 15 (celcius) and I felt robbed of the Winter I had hoped for. That is, until the weather forecast showed snow for two consecutive days the following week. I went and bought some snow boots and lucky I did, because snow we got!

Snow day 6Snow Day 3
The media and weather forecasters were hyping up the snow storm, Storm Jonas, as a potentially record breaking storm that would bring about a blizzard and many inches of snow. Friday afternoon was declared a ‘work from home’ day for Steve because we knew the metro would struggle after the snow set in and by Friday lunch time, the snow had started to fall. It came quickly and didn’t let up until about midnight on Sunday morning.

It’s a funny thing when the media and forecasters predict a big snow storm, or any storm really. People seem to think that the end of days is coming and they head to the supermarket to buy literally everything on the shelves. I myself went back to buy more food, just to get us through Saturday at least, but there were people with trolleys full of food that would have easily lasted a month and I just wondered what went through their heads. Another interesting observation during the snow storm was the amount of people trying to drive around when there were 5+ inches of snow on the road. Granted some had 4wd’s, but there were people in small cars, that were 2 wheel drive, trying to get through the snow. The number of cars that we saw get stuck was incredible.
Snow Day 5Snow Day 1
Ted surprised us both and loved the snow. He hadn’t seen snow before and I was a little worried he’d hate it and refuse to go outside, to the toilet etc. but he was happy and ran around exploring, trying to figure out what all the white stuff was! He has always been more of a Winter dog, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Lucky for us, we live within a 2 minute walk of a number of pubs/bars/restaurants and not all of them had shut during the snow. I’m still wondering how people got to work! Saturday afternoon a bit of cabin fever set in, so we met some friends at the pub for a drink and people watched as people outside played in the snow and on the snow mounds that had been created by those clearing the roads.

It was at about 2pm the actual blizzard, where we couldn’t see a foot in front of us, set in and after watching that for just over an hour, the group of us decided to take a walk down to the local playground to play on the swings, with beers (the selection was minimal due to people clearing the shelves and we found ourselves with Miller Lite), like any responsible adult would. It wasn’t an easy walk, considering most of the roads hadn’t been plowed, but it was a fun one.
Snow Day 2
Fast forward to today, a few days later and there is still a lot of snow, but the roads have been and a lot has melted. It is really icy and not much fun to walk in, but lovely to look at.

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