Shades of Grey jumper

December 27, 2015

It’s been a long hiatus in my sewing adventures where the end result was a garment for myself. The move to the US and waiting for a work visa sparked my fire to get back in to but alas, I had left my sewing machine in Australia. Rightly so too, it wouldn’t have worked here with the voltage conversion anyway. I went to Joann’s (similar to spotlight or Lincraft for those of you in Australia) and got myself a Singer Talent sewing machine. Entry level, simple and all I need.

DSC_9236 DSC_9233I’ve gone from sewing ‘just anything’ to really thinking about what I need/want and what I will wear in the current season. I’m very much a jeans and jumper/sweater type person and going in to Winter in the US, jumpers were exactly what I needed more of. I have quite a few nice jumpers, but since I don’t dress for work anymore, I needed more that would be fine to wear around the house and out to walk the dog, grab groceries etc.

Enter the Sloane Sweatshirt pattern by Named Clothing. I found this on Kollabora and noticed not many people had sewn it (that I could find). I was originally taken by a quilted version I found and with the intent to do something similar, I bought the pattern and went over to a fabric website to find a similar quilted fabric. They had sold out, so I ended up buying Heather charcoal knit and Heather Gray knit, both from Girl Charlee Fabrics. To be honest, I definitely didn’t think this purchase through and so the jumper is a really lightweight one. Fine for layering etc. so no issues there.

The second issue I had was the way I cut it out. I think I rushed through this, being so excited to sew again and instead of cutting it on the grain, I did the opposite. It doesn’t affect the jumper so much, but the neckline was a real pain to get right and in hindsight this was why. I didn’t realise or take notice of the mistake until I had finished the jumper and looked at it in the mirror. Huge rookie error, one I’ve never made before, nor will I again. I really have no idea how I could have made that mistake but not much I can do now!

The only modifications I made to the jumper was to increase the length because the original is meant to sit high on your hips. I prefer my jumpers to be a little longer and since I usually wear mid-rise jeans, I wanted it to have more length. I added 2 inches and could probably add another 1 next time.

DSC_9242The jumper is loose-fitting and has darts on the front to create a more fitted look. Different to the usual bust darts I have sewn in dresses etc. but I like the finished product and the darts aren’t overly obvious.

It didn’t take a lot of time for me to sew this which surprised me, because like I said – it’s been a long time since I last sewed. The finished product turned out a lot better than I expected and it doesn’t have any odd little quirks like some of the garments I have sewn in the past. It was also my first time sewing with a knit and it went surprisingly well!

Have you sewn any nice patterns lately?

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