Sunshine in my hair

August 5, 2015

Ray ban SunglassesWith the weather Sydney has had lately, I think anyone could easily be fooled in to thinking it is Spring or even early Summer. Slowly, slowly the weather gets warmer and the days longer. Since buying a house, life has changed pace and we’ve gone from eating out often and rarely being at home weekends to eating out rarely (ok, still a bit but nowhere near as often) and staying at home a fair bit more. And no, it isn’t because of the dreaded mortgage, but the fact that we are not in as close a proximity to the places we used to frequent anymore. We have a wonderful outdoor space that soaks up the gleaming sunshine during the day and it feels like a crime to miss out on spending time bathing in those rays.

If we haven’t left the house to catch a late brunch, our mornings usually involve a relaxed start (catching up on the sleep we’ve missed out on during the week), followed by a lazy breakfast and coffee on the back deck. We open the bi-fold doors to allow for the inside and outside to merge and then we clean up the one million leaves that Teddy seems to bring inside the house.

Mother Nature, you’ve been truly wonderful. Let’s keep the weather this way, shall we?

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