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July 16, 2015

I’ve noticed a pattern when the tax returns come in, whereby we pick a nice restaurant and treat ourselves to a nice dinner (it’s not the only time we do that, it’s just another excuse for a nice dinner). A tradition, if you will. We had the range hood fixed on Thursday night and by the time that was done, neither of us felt like cooking so we decided to head to Glebe Point Diner for a meal and a drink.

An old favourite, it never disappoints. Well, it does if your favourite meal is no longer on the menu but not to worry because there were equally good replacements to choose from. I’m on a real pasta kick at the moment, so the tortellini went down a treat, followed by the burnt alaska to round out an already amazing meal. We tried to jokingly tell the waitress the burnt alaska was the only reason we even chose to go there, but the humour was lost on her. Perhaps she didn’t read the air of sarcasm in my voice. Although I do have a sweet tooth, the whole drinks and food menu at Glebe Point Diner is what takes us there. Tax time or not.DSC_0009DSC_0023DSC_0034-2

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