June 11, 2015

Scrolling through twitter last week, I noticed someone mention using wifi to transfer photos from their DSLR to their phone to post to Instagram. Immediately intrigued, I googled our camera (Nikon D7100 for those playing at home) and found we didn’t have wifi as part of the camera. We’ve used an ‘Eye-fi’ card for ages, but I never liked how it would download every single photo from your camera to your phone without the ability to turn off this function. That’s every single RAW photo on a phone with only 16GB storage. I think you can guess how that turned out.

Enter the Nikon wifi wu-1a. This thing is the best! If your photos look ok straight off the camera, then this thing is really great in being able to take a photo straight from the DSLR to your phone. If you have an app like VSCO cam to edit it with, you can have some great looking photos to use on social media or for whatever other purpose you might need it for. So much better than uploading it to your computer, sending it to your email etc. etc.

I’m probably really behind in discovering this and haven’t had too much of a chance to play with it yet, but we did take it out and about on the weekend. I already over-gram and this isn’t going to help, but hey – who cares.

What camera accessories do you use?

DSC_3217 blogDSC_3340

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