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April 17, 2015

Teddy Glebe

Teddy is always happy

Steve has gone overseas for a few weeks and there is no denying that I struggle when he is not home. After sitting around of an evening feeling miserable for the first week, I decided it was time to set myself a routine and keep myself busy.

With only one of us home, it’s up to me to take Teddy on his two walks a day. His morning walk is a leisurely sniff around the local park where we try to do at least two laps mostly so I can count it as fitness; but more so Teddy has let out his energy and is happy to sleep during the day. The second walk has become a run and we try to do about 3km a day. 3km is about as long as Ted can keep up for before he loses interest and wants to sniff. Because we’re in a new area, I’m still not too familiar with the surroundings so doing longer runs by myself will wait until Steve is back.

The other day I decided to give yoga a go after hearing and reading of the many health benefits not only for your body, but also your mind. I signed up to the local Bikram yoga taking advantage of their 30 days for $39 pass and went to my first class on Monday evening. Did you know bikram yoga is hot yoga? As in, the room is set at about 38 degrees? Well, I didn’t. I hate the heat and if I knew it was hot yoga there is little chance I would have turned up. I ended up loving it, sweat and all and I made it through the whole class; sitting down for only five minutes. I left the class feeling a touch sore; mostly with a clear head and happy that I had given it a go.

Fitness is an on-going theme here and keen to keep the ‘healthy’ regime going I’ve been finding new recipes for healthy meals. Overnight oats was one I’ve eaten for breakfast this week, salads are usually on the menu for lunch and for dinner I’ve been foraging in the fridge to use up the vegetables and create some concoctions that usually aren’t that healthy, but do taste great.

I am currently on the hunt for some new TV series to watch or some good documentaries. I rarely watch TV anyway and prefer to get out the sewing machine or read of an evening but there are always those evenings where I prefer to veg on the couch and do nothing at all.

Do you have any tips on looking after yourself? Or any recommendations of series/documentaries to watch?


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