From the dining room | Vudu, Queenstown

November 24, 2014

Vudu is a cute little cafe tucked in amongst the walk that leads you across the bay in Queenstown. With modern and funky decor and an extensive food menu, it was a perfect stop for me to enjoy a meal alone whilst exploring Queenstown. Being in Queenstown in the middle of Winter meant it was quite cold outside, but I chose to sit in the outside court yard to admire the view and listen to the guitarist playing his tunes across from me. He was quite talented and it was a shame he left before I could give him some money (I was mid meal).

The staff are friendly and hospitable and make a great coffee. Something that is important for me to find on any holiday.

The meal I chose was a simple flat white coffee and pork and fennel sausage roll. A great choice, although perhaps not the best combination. Nethertheless, I was satisfied after my meal and walked away full.



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