Christmas | Kris Kringle gift ideas

November 24, 2014

These days, it is common for workplaces and even families to choose Kris Kringle as a way of exchanging gifts, rather than buying individual gifts for each person. Here are some gift ideas under $50 that are easily bought online.

Joke gifts

1. A custom mug

These can either be a serious gift (use their name) or a joke gift. Find out what the person loves and get that written on the mug. E.g. I love spreadsheets for that person who might be obsessed with spreadsheets. This is a particularly great gift for colleagues.

2. Singing toothbrush

For less than $15 this gift is sure to get a few laughs. This is particularly good for someone who has a sense of humour.

For friends and family

3. A candle

You can’t go wrong with a candle (or incense if your giftee is so inclined). I love Tanda Modern candles and have tried a few scents. My favourite is ‘Fresh Linen’ and honestly, I’m sure everyone would!

4. Jewellery

You can’t go wrong with jewellery, especially if you know the person well. I love the online store Bonty for the great range of jewellery all made by different designers in Australia. For something you can buy in a store, Witchery has some great pieces. This one is my personal favourite (although over $50).

5. A beach towel

Men and women alike use beach towels are there are some with great patterns these days. Gone are the days when beach towels had pictures of the ocean or dolphins etc. Country road has a great selection at the moment and this is my personal favourite.

6. A Sandwich press. 

I am amazed that a lot of people don’t have these. I understand a lot of people don’t eat sandwiches etc. but they can be used for a lot of things other than sandwiches. You can either go expensive or more affordable for this gift.

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